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Subject: [security-services] new version of conformance spec

Title: new version of conformance spec

hi -

As promised in today's SAML call, i've attached a zip with four docs:

- conformance spec 0.7, describing the partition model for conformance levels
- conformance spec 0.7a, describing conformance levels based on assertions
- partial questionnaire for helping an implementor determine what conformance to claim
- doc with two emails discussing conformance and mandatory/optional

Both versions of the conformance spec incorporate a conformance clause; this had previously been in draft-sstc-saml-spec-00 rather than in the conformance spec.

Joe/Jeff, we'll plan on discussing these at the focus group on Tuesday, 18-Dec? The two issues identified today were:

  - which of the two models is best for handling conformance levels (or some other idea...)
  - within the model we choose, what should be mandatory and what optional?

I'd like to at least touch on test cases as well, to determine whether the approach i've been following for them is appropriate. Both versions of the specs have examples of test cases.





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