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Subject: RE: [security-services] FW: Attribute Authority info in AuthenticationAssertion proposal (f2f #5 action item)

>All authorities pointed to by the AuthorityBinding list must be queried
>the relying party. 

FWIW, Shibboleth is currently defining simpler semantics of equivalence
that tell the relying party to query any of them rather than all of
them. This sidesteps more complex questions about conflicting attribute

For myself, I favor Simon's proposal, modified in this fashion, as a
starting point toward a more dynamically interoperable model. I
understand the provisioning argument, but I don't see why passing
information dynamically isn't preferable to not, even if it doesn't get
you all the way there. This doesn't seem like a kitchen sink thing to

We can use Advice, I just don't think it's as good a solution.

-- Scott

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