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Subject: RE: [security-services] SOAP 1.1 schema namespace processsing

> Most of the SOAP implementations I know declare the schema and 
> schema-instance namespaces.
> While SOAP1.1 officially points to an obsolete draft of the XMLSchema 
> standard, the consensus among the soap interoperability folks (the 
> soapbuilders mailing list at yahoogroups), is to use SOAP 1.1 with the

> official Schema standard.  Many will accept any of three XML Schema 
> URI's, and try to generate a reply in the same namespace, but that is 
> considered an interim measure.

Good to know, thanks.

Is it significant though that the SOAP schemas in the W3C submission
(which I think is what SAML is pointing to as the reference point)
aren't compliant with the 2001 version? Are there "official" SOAP 1.1
schemas that are up to date, or is the whole idea non-applicable since
SOAP 1.1 isn't a standard in that sense?

I confess I didn't look especially hard for a newer SOAP 1.1 schema

-- Scott

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