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Subject: [security-services] Re: [security-editors] Sec Consider 04.

Chris McLaren wrote:
> Here's another minor rev. [sec-consider-04]
> This one incorporates Jeff's edits to front page text, and some
> much-welcomed grammatical notes from Allen Rogers, but no substantive
> changes.

This file, as well as a .pdf version, are available here..


However, unless the editor (Chris) explicitly requests it, we ~won't~ update
the SAML Spec Set contents list
(http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/security/#documents) to include it since
it doesn't seem to contain, w.r.t. the -03 version, substantial or substantive
changes that could benefit from having at-large review. 

But, the editor should base any new versions of the doc, e.g. -05, upon the -04
version,  even if the updates are driven by comments on the -03 (or earlier)


JeffH & Joe

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