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Subject: [security-services] client/server terminology in draft-sstc-core-25

I consulted the glossary and believe the following changes would tighten up terminology usage:

§         Use "requester" (or is it "requestor"?) instead of "client"

§         Use "Authz Authority" or "Authn Authority" or "SAML Authority" instead of "service". 



    1. Client is probably okay in section 1.3.1 "Overview"
    2. Lines 755-758: "between the client and the service" should be "between the Requester and the Authz Authority", etc.
    3. Line 833: "SAML-aware clients" becomes "SAML Requesters"
    4. Lines 834-835: "client" should be "Requester" and "SAML service" becomes "SAML Authority"
    5. Lines 1206 and 1208: "service" becomes "SAML Authority"



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