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Subject: RE: [security-services] the "NotOnOrAfter" issue

> dateTime allows arbitrary sub-second precision and arbitrary 
> timezones 
> expressed as hh:mm offsets from UTC. 
> I suggest subclassing xsd:dateTime to: disallow fractional 
> seconds and 
> timezones other than UTC. 

Rich, I think we just cross-posted on this, so let me ask you this:

Since dateTime does uniquely identify a time what is the value of
requiring dateTime to be expressed in strict UTC?

It seems to me that the only benefit here is that SAML-processors need a
little less code (i.e. the code that transforms a local+UTC offset into

That argument strikes me as pretty soft, since it seems to me that the
majority of systems won't be coding from a scratch--they'll be built on
top of some level of Schema-aware libraries that should handle this.

I do agree with Stephen that we need to make some explicit statement
about fractional seconds, but I don't think we need to disallow them.
Adding a note to the effect that all unreported sub-second precision
digits in a given time are zero, with the standard time comparison rules
in effect, should handle any ambiguities without removing any potential
utility in fractional second precision.


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