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Subject: [security-services] FW: RedpondWith

-----Original Message-----
From: Phill [mailto:phallam@ne.mediaone.net]
Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2002 12:36 PM
To: joe_pato@hp.com
Subject: RedpondWith

[Joe, please forward to the list, cannot access internal email during

The <RespondWith> element specifies the type(s) of response that is
acceptable to the requestor. Multiple <RespondWith> elements MAY be
specified to indicate that the requestor is capable of processing multiple

<RespondWith> elements are used to advise the requestor of the type of
assertion statement that the requestor is capable of processing. The
Requestor MAY use this information to ensure that it generates responses
that the requestor is able to process.

If no <RespondWith> element is specified the default value is the set
{SingleStatement, AuthenticationStatement, AuthorizationDecisionStatement,
AttributeStatement} Acceptable values for the <RespondWith> element are:

[Alternatively set default separately for each request]

Additional Error SubCodes:


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