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Subject: [security-services] Minor Issue Status Issues - Close or Defer

Title: Minor Issue Status Issues - Close or Defer

There are three minor points left from the last round if issue closing. Mostly this is debate between me and Jeff.

UC-9-02 Privacy Statement. Last summer, we tried to formulate a statment about an asserting party's (particularly an Attribute Authority's) responsibility to provide the means to allow users to control the privacy of their attributes. Three different people offered wording, but neither the subcommittee or the TC could agree on any of them. As a result, no such statement appears in the specifications.

I proposed that we CLOSE this issue on the theory that if we could not agree then and we have not discussed it since, we are unlikely to agree in the future.

Jeff proposed that we DEFER the issue.

DS-3-03 - Validity Depends Upon - This is about the inclusion of a ValidityDependsUpon element in the Conditions. I believe that Prateek was a champion for this and the intent of the TC was to defer it.

I recomended that we DEFER it.

Jeff recommended that unless someone was willing to argue for it, we CLOSE it.

DS-5-04 - Request Reference - The full text of this is:

There should be a way to reference an assertion as the subject of a request. For example, a request might reference an Attribute Assertion and ask if the subject of that assertion could access a specified object.

I proposed we CLOSE this, it part because I thought I raised it originally and I don't remember anyone else saying they wanted it.

Jeff proposed that we DEFER it.

I don't feel strongly about the choice between CLOSE and DEFER for any of these, but I would like to avoid carrying forward issues that nobody is really interested in.

Does anyone want to speak for DEFERRING any of these?


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