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Subject: Re: [security-services] Changes for Core 26


The problem with being logical, consistent and pure in this case
is that it ignores reality and results in saml conformant code
not being as useful as current proprietary products. 

I'm mainly thinking of resource names which are read off the wire 
by saml components as written by non-saml components. I'm not sure 
if the namespace case is the same, but it clearly has less precedent 
than the resource URI case.


"Eve L. Maler" wrote:
> At 11:14 AM 2/8/02 -0800, Hallam-Baker, Phillip wrote:
> >The canonical form in 2396 is pretty robust and the rules are very
> >straightforward,
> >
> >Essentially the only place where case insensitivity comes in is in the part
> >of a URI that is a DNS name.
> >
> >Even if the file is located on a Windows or VMS machine http://foo.com/Fred
> >is not equivalent to http://foo.com/FRED or http://foo.com/fred
> Even so, I think we should continue to restrict string matches to exact,
> case-sensitive matches, as XML Namespaces does for namespace URIs.  Since
> we don't mandate that any of these URIs necessarily be resolvable, using
> URI resolution machinery (which *might* know about the special http:
> matching rules) to handle them seems too heavyweight in most cases.
>          Eve
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