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Subject: Re: [security-services] Issues Status

On Thu, 14 Feb 2002, Hal Lockhart wrote:

> Here is the current status report.
> Irving, Prateek, Eve, Phill, Polar, RL Bob, Scott,Simon and Rob you are
> listed as Champions for issues. Please confirm that you agree with my
> assessment of the status.

I'm listed as champion of issue DS-4-11. I still think that returning no
statements would still be consistent and do not see a problem of why the
syntax should not allow such a thing, since it is harmless. There is
nothing wrong with 0, just as there is nothing wrong with vacuous truth.


> Document Authors look at the Red items and see if you need to make a change
> to close the issue.
> Ones I think are about to fall thru the cracks:
> I don't think the Empty Strings issue has been resolved or did I miss that?
> I think the spec should say that no attributes in an attribute query means
> "all the attributes you are entitled to see."  If this is not acceptable, I
> think it should at least say "the intended meaning is that all attributes
> available by policy should be returned. An implementation may not interpret
> this request as asking for no attributes."
> We still do not have a "Bearer" Subject Confirmation method, even though the
> bindings spec says there is one.
> Hal

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