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Subject: RE: [security-services] Issues with AuthorityBinding

> One approach would be to change AuthorityKindType to be a 
> qname, and make the value of the attribute be the actual XML 
> element name of the statement.

I like this, and it seems to make sense to apply it to RespondWith as
well, for consistency.

> The second issue is that there is no way to specify "any". As 
> it currently stands, the text in core-26 says that 
> AuthorityKind is required, but the schema leaves it optional. 
> We need to either change the schema to use="required", or 
> change the text to say that AuthorityKind is optional and, if 
> unspecified, indicates that the authority will entertain any 
> kind of query.

It was intended to be required, and multiple Binding elements could be
used to specify multiple authority (or rather statement, I guess) types.

-- Scott

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