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Subject: [security-services] Minutes for Focus Group, Feb 19

Agenda - OASIS SSTC Focus Group - Tuesday Feb 19 2002
Dial in info: +1 334 262 0740 #856956

  [carried over from official con-call]

> 1) Mechanics for publishing tomorrow

- email to be sent by Dee Schur tomorrow directs people to come to
  web site
- Jeff: doesn't think ver numbers need to be incremented to remove
- Jeff: asks editors to go over docs with "fine-toothed comb" to
  verify headers & footers are correct, version numbers are correct,
- Phill: for pdf versions, need to set fonts
- Joe: need to "accept all changes" in word docs, so that all
  reviewers see is the final, clean version of the text
- Jeff: would like editors to send final versions to list with subject
  like "[doc name] for last call publication"
- Hal: also need to turn off "fast saves" in word
- Jeff: doesn't think schema-***-27 files need to be resent, since no
  changes are needed in them
- Jeff: no changes seem necessary in glossary-02
- Jeff: editors, please send these today

> 2) Issues list status update

- Hal: nothing has been added to issues list, although there have been
  new discussions on list
- Joe: we need to record all issues raised during public comment period
- Hal: could be in separate doc
- expects to get lots of typo-level comments, which have not been
  tracked so far
- Joe: would like to keep list of all comments, editorial and
  otherwise, with final dispositions
- so archive can be "in basket"
- both from security-services list and security-services-comments list
- Jeff: doc editors should subscribe to both lists

> 3) More discussion on publishing & last call

- Jeff: need to get docs to doc repository, update web page, etc, and
  we should be in good shape
- Jeff: question on latest status-03: is it up to date wrt comments on
  list under thread "issues status"?
- Hal: RLBob had found one discrepancy, but all other responses were
  confirmation of correctness
- Hal: counts 5 "real" outstanding issues
- could increase due to discussions started by Irving
- Jeff: web site should be updated to link to latest issues doc
    - Hal: latest issues doc is -08
- Hal: how are we going to address comments?
- Jeff: as suggested in process email, editors will summarize list of
  "show-stoppers" relevant to doc
    - issues need champions, or they will be dropped
    - if issue has champion, but no passing vote, doc doesn't pass
- Jeff: comment needs a champion to become an issue
- Hal: so we have 2 categories: comments & issues, so we need some
  means of addressing the disposition of each comment
- Joe: this will be different when we go to OASIS, where *every*
  comment will be an issue
- Jeff: need to reiterate end of last call process
- Joe: Thurs 21 Feb is beginning, so two week last call period will end
  COB Thurs 7 Mar
- Joe: in package we post, we should include link to last call process
- Jeff: there is a link already on site, but could be more blatant
- Jeff: since schedule has changed, email detailing last call process
  needs to be updated
- Carlisle: so we will not be submitting to OASIS on 1 Mar?
- Joe: has been talking with Karl, and he is willing to work with us,
  such that what we proceed with to last call is the candidate
  submission to OASIS, which we can alter through the month of March
- so we need to be working other issues, e.g. IP, statements of use
- Release to OASIS membership actually occurs 1 April
- Carlisle: what is level of expectation of being able to make 3
  statements of use?
- Joe: 50/50
- ... discussion on requirements to claim use ...
- Joe: suspects we will fall short of required 3 statements of use
  in time
- Joe: asking implementors to start filling in their claims on matrix
  to see where we're at
- Joe: re: implementation tests, we've talked about a "connect-a-thon",
  should we got to WS-I (web services implementation forum)?
- Irving: been investigating something for Burton Group Catalyst
- would be July, and informal, but a lot more public

> 4) Issues discussion

- ... Discussion of recent postings from Irving ...
- Irving will repost which of those he wants to elevate to issue status
- discussion of SubjectConfirmation being underspecified, and not
  likely to provide for interoperability...


tel;work:727-561-9500 x241
org:OpenNetwork Technologies
title:Product Architect
adr;quoted-printable:;;13577 Feather Sound Drive=0D=0ASuite 390;Clearwater;Florida;33762;USA
fn:Steve Anderson

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