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Subject: [security-services] ISSUE: NameIdentifier specification needs to beclarified

I'd like to formally raise an issue that we need to clarify the semantics of
NameIdentifiers (core-27 section, lines 631ff. There has been some
discussion on the list, starting with message "RE: [security-services]
NameIdentifier proposed change (Sun L3 comment)"

As I see it, the current definition of NameIdentifier is generic enough that
we could easily end up with conflicting "profiles", as happened in the early
days of X509 certificates. How do we represent an X500 DNAME? what about
email addresses? In the absence of specific guidelines, I'm afraid we'll end
up with the usual mess of standards-compliant software that doesn't

Here's a proposal, to get the debate going.

The SecurityDomain attribute on NameIdentifier is changed to an anyURI. SAML
defines specific URI values, within the SAML URI namespace, to identify
certain well known identifier formats such as X500 DNAME and Internet email
address. In these cases, the content of the Name portion is the entire
identifier. For example (using Eve's proposed non-empty element format):



SAML applications SHOULD use defined SecurityDomain values and name formats
whenever possible.

If anyone else thinks this is a good idea, we can work up the normative

 - irving -

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