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Subject: [security-services] ISSUE: AuthorityKind and RespondWith

Following up to two of my messages before last call
: I proposed that we change the AuthorityKind and RespondWith elements to be
qnames, with the combination of the XML namespace qualifier and the name in
the qname uniquely naming the type of SAML Statement.

Here are proposed normative changes to Core-27:

Lines 730-734:
An XML QName (Qualified Name) identifying the namespace and element name of
the type of statement this authority can return. For example, presuming that
the "saml" namespace prefix is bound to the SAML namespace, an attribute
authority would identify itself with the attribute
AuthorityKind="saml:AttributeStatement". For elements defined by extension
schemas, where the type of the statement is specified by an
xsi:type="myPrefix:SchemaTypeName" attribute, the AuthorityKind attribute
should contain exactly the same QName as the xsi:type attribute of the
corresponding Statement.

Lines 746-747: change to <attribute name="AuthorityKind" type="qname"

Lines 751-757: remove

Lines 976-1008 (Section Replace entirely with:

Section Element <RespondWith>

The <RespondWith> element specifies the type of Statement the requestor
wants from the responder. Multiple <RespondWith> elements MAY be included to
indicate that the requestor will accept assertions containing any of the
specified types. If no <RespondWith> element is given, the responder may
return assertions containing statements of any type.

If the requestor sends one or more <RespondWith> elements, the responder
MUST NOT respond with assertions containing statements of any type not
specified in one of the <RespondWith> elements.

(Include lines 986-988, Note: ... here)

RespondWith element values are XML QNames. The XML namespace and name
specifically refer to the namespace and element name of the Statement
element, exactly as for the saml:AuthorityKind attribute; see section

The following schema fragment defines the RespondWith element:
    <element name="RespondWith" type="qname"/>

 - irving -

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