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Subject: [security-services] Acknowledgements

The following is the proposed text for the acknowledgements section. I have taken the various lists and bashed them about, I added Bob Blakely to the contributors, David Orchard should probably  be there for something specific.

I changed the collation order to be in alphabetical order, by company, by last name, by first name. This is because it is the order that the list of voters is maintained in and hence easier to compare/maintain.

  1. Acknowledgements

The editors would like to acknowledge the contributions of the OASIS SAML Technical Committee, whose voting members at the time of publication were:

Allen Rogers, Authentica

Irving Reid, Baltimore Technologies

Krishna Sankar, Cisco Systems Inc

Simon Godik, Crosslogix

Gil Pilz, E2open

Hal Lockhart, Entegrity Solutions

Carlisle Adams, Entrust Technologies

Robert Griffin, Entrust Technologies

Don Flinn, Hitachi

Joe Pato, Hewlett-Packard

Jason Rouault, Hewlett-Packard

Marc Chanliau, Netegrity

Chris McLaren, Netegrity

Prateek Mishra, Netegrity

Charles Knouse, Oblix

Steve Anderson, OpenNetwork

Rob Philpott, RSA Security

Jahan Moreh, Sigaba

Bhavna Bhatnagar, Sun Microsystems

Jeff Hodges, Sun Microsystems

Eve Maler, Sun Microsystems

Aravindan Ranganathan, Sun Microsystems

Emily Xu, Sun Microsystems

Bob Morgan, University of Washington

Phillip Hallam-Baker, VeriSign Inc.


The editors would also like to thank the following people for their contributions:

Stephen Farrell, Baltimore Technologies

David Orchard, BEA

Tim Moses, Entrust

Nigel Edwards, Hewlett-Packard

Marc Chanliau, Netegrity

Scott Cantor, The Ohio State University

Darren Platt, Formerly with RSA Security

Bob Blakely Tivoli (Former Chair)

Marlena Erdos, Tivoli


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