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Subject: Re: [security-services] HolderOfKey and SenderVouches are slippingthru the cracks(!)

"Hallam-Baker, Phillip" wrote:
> Holder of Key is absolutely critical to our intentions for SAML. If SAML
> cannot specify an attribute assertion whose subject is identified by the
> holder of a key we have been sold a pup.
> The processing model is irrelevant in that instance as Prateek points out.
> There is nevertheless a need for interoperability between implementations.
> [..snip..]
> The lack of a sanction in
> the standard will not prevent that use, it will merely lead to incompatible
> identifiers for the same function.


I've spoken with Prateek, Hal, and Phill about this.

Prateek will be supplyinig more polished text to include in bindings-model-xx
generically defining HolderOfKey and SenderVouches, along the lines of my
suggestion here..


..and Hal's..



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