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Subject: [security-services] Minutes for Telecon, Tuesday 30 April 2002

Minutes for SSTC Telecon, Tuesday 30 April 2002
Dial in info: +1 334 262 0740 #856956
Minutes taken by Steve Anderson

> 1. Roll call

- Attendance attached to bottom of these minutes
- Quorum achieved

> 2. What Next after v1.0?

- Joe: brainstorm what do we need to do next
    - examples:
    - SOAP Profile
    - Kerberos & SAML
    - WS-Security & SAML
    - Don: his customers interested in mid-tier, as opposed to perimeter
      that SAML seems to focus on now
        - this is area where EJB, CORBA, C++ exists
        - Hal: talking about a profile, since assertions are useable
        - Don: yes
        - Hal: are you suggesting that a new use case is necessary?
        - Don: would have to look at it more, but could be
        - RLBob: this is of interest to people in the Shib area also,
          along with other, more complex use cases
    - Hal: 2 items set aside last year
        - pass-through authN
        - dynamic sessions
        - Jeff: session management, in general, including static
          sessions as well as dynamic
    - RLBob: some standard way for bringing in X.500 attributes
    - Phill: WS-Security
        - changing WS-Security so that there is a profile there that
          says where to put SAML assertions in the WS-Security payload
        - how to use WS-Security for a SAML transport
        - Hal: answering these questions should be a pre-req for issuing
          our own SOAP profile
    - Hal: XACML was planning to propose extensions to SAML
        - Carlisle: example of 'obligations' or actions that PDP needs
          to express to a PEP along with a decision
        - Phill: are these conditions?
        - Carlisle: not clear that this fits well into conditions
        - Phill: so this is not a basis for trusting or acting on the
    - Jeff: Joe, James Kobielus sent msg to us, which we should send
      out now
        - list of "it'd be great if SAML did this ..." collected from
          Burton's discussion with other companies
        - [sent to list during call]
    - Don: would like to consider delegation
        - Jeff: in what sense?
        - Don: a call goes through multiple intermediates, which speak
          for the initial client
        - Hal: need use cases, because "delegation" can mean different
        - Joe: perfectly reasonable to add use cases now
    - Rob: Liberty Alliance
        - some members have heard rumors that Project Liberty has
          something to do with SAML and speculate that there may be
          some useful cross-pollination to be had
        - co-chairs concur, but note that the SSTC needs to wait for
          Liberty folk to come forward to the SSTC
        - as Project Liberty does not yet have a formal model for
          liaison with the SSTC, we can only wait for Project
          Liberty to approach the SSTC with any relevant information
          before being able to further consider anything in that context
        - SSTC members who participate in Project Liberty are encouraged
          to make sure that necessary communication occurs and to inform
          Project Liberty that SSTC is receptive to establishing a
          formal liaison process.
    - Hal: looking through deferred items from last issues list
        - SASL
            - foggy recollection of what this was originally about
            - RLBob: use of SAML assertions in existing authN protocols
            - Hal: SASL defines authN methods, and we've deliberately
              NOT done that
            - RLBob: browser profiles accepts SAML assertion in place
              of HTTP Basic, Digest, etc, so in a sense, this is an
              authN mechanism
        - use of intermediaries, adding or removing assertions, etc
            - some of the thinking there was that XML Protocol was going
              to support/provide this, so SAML should support it too
            - Joe: was this raised by Bob Blakely?
            - Hal: thought it was Dave Orchard
        - runtime privacy
            - RLBob: Shib has made this a centerpiece
            - Hal: heard a rumor that Liberty was working on this
        - encryption - we vowed to incorporate this
            - Jeff: very important
            - XML Enc nearing standardization
            - Hal: would we not do this similar to what we've done with
            - Jeff: still needs use cases
            - Phill: could have encrypted statements or encrypted advice
            - encrypted conditions would be interesting
        - there was question around anonymity technique
            - how to create an anonymous name identifier
            - not sure if anyone wants to bring this back up
        - privacy considerations
            - people/orgs can control which attrs are given out and
              under what circumstances
            - we originally treated it as something that can be done,
              but doesn't need standard around it
        - feature to express that an assertion should not be cached
        - dependency audit?
            - Prateek: thinks it was infamous "validity depends on"
        - nested attrs
            - one of many definitions of roles
            - you're a member of a group by virtue of belonging to
              another group that is a member of the original group in
            - Don: couldn't this be done by XACML
            - Hal: could be
        - negative assertions
        - discovery of authN protocols, presumably what is available
          from an authN authority
        - people should look through last issues list
    - Jeff: do we want to run through Jim K's list?
        - Hal: looks like Jim's list include much of what we've talked
        - Jeff: need to consolidate and send out to list
    - Hal: important to identify 5 or so top priorities
        - Joe: intention here was to get ideas out on table, and get
          people thinking
- Joe: other topics for discussion today?
    - Hal: update on Catalyst
        - Prateek: exact format of administrative model, etc, has been
          posted to SAML-Dev mail list
        - rehearsals (East & West coast versions) have been scheduled
          for 17 June
        - about 12 companies involved
        - certain amount of concern/interest in things other than
          browser artifact
        - Carlisle: do you have all contact names you need?
        - Prateek: no, specifically missing Entrust
        - Carlisle: will send name
        - Hal: hint to web site admin, there's no link to SAML-Dev
          mailing list from SSTC site
        - Jeff: will fix
        - Hal: if orgs want to participate, contact us quickly!!
 - Rob: if enough people will be at Catalyst, would it be useful
   to hold 1-day FTF afterward?
 - sounds like a good thing
    - Eve: starting to collect editorial changes
        - Joe: there is new template for OASIS spec
        - Eve made it!
        - not worth migrating to this template yet
        - confusion over OASIS standardization timeframe
        - submission is definitely 1 June
        - unclear whether it is a 30/60/90 day process for ratification
        - Joe: looking forward to SAML Dev group to find issues
        - Hal: expects issues to be more cases of ambiguity needing
          clarification, rather than true semantic issues
        - Eve: SAML Dev group has opportunity to accumulate all out of
          band coordination issues necessary for interoperability
        - Rob: (regarding OASIS ratification timeline) reading from DSML
          call for vote, OASIS members have 1 calendar quarter to
          review, and 30 days to vote
        - Eve: getting back to editorial changes, next week will be a
          problem due to travel obligations, but week after is possible
        - Concern over getting company names accurate
        - we just have one month before submitting to Karl
    - Joe: next meeting
        - doesn't think we need meeting next week
        - Prateek: SAML Interop wanted to take up the off week
        - Jeff: we used to use off week for focus group calls, which
          would good time for SAML Interop
        - that will be on different phone number
        - Eve: so she will cancel this number for 7 May & 21 May
        - phone number will be posted shortly for those calls
        - Joe: after 1 June submission, we can reconsider frequency of
          formal calls
        - next formal SAML call will be 14 May

> 3. Adjourn

- Adjourned


Attendance of Voting Members:

  Irving Reid Baltimore
  Hal Lockhart Entegrity
  Carlisle Adams Entrust
  Don Flinn Hitachi
  Joe Pato HP
  Jason Rouault HP
  Marc Chanliau Netegrity
  Prateek Mishra Netegrity
  Charles Knouse Oblix
  Steve Anderson OpenNetwork
  Rob Philpott RSA Security
  Jahan Moreh Sigaba
  Bhavna Bhatnagar Sun
  Jeff Hodges Sun
  Eve Maler Sun
  Bob Morgan UWashington
  Phillip Hallam-Baker Verisign

Attendance of Observers or Prospective Members:

  Robert Griffin Entrust
  Simon Godik Crosslogix
  Ron Jacobson CA

Membership Status Changes:

  Gil Pilz E2open - lost voting status due to inactivity


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