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security-services message

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Subject: RE: [security-services] Minutes for Telecon,Tuesday 23 July 2002 <KS> Re. JSR 155 </KS>

Hi all,

	Couple of comments re JSR 155 :

|      - how does this relate to JSR155?
|          - not clear, as JSR155 work had stalled, but is alleged to be
getting back on track shortly
	Actually very very shortly :o)
|          - the most interesting thing JSR155 could do is take a SAML
|            assertion apart and to semantically interesting things
	Am all ears on this. Would appreciate more thoughts in a private
|          - the least interesting thing JSR155 could do is the actual
|            sending and receiving of SAML protocol messages, which
|            come easily from a WSDL doc
	What does this mean ? The question of WSDL for SAML itself is a
challenging proposition. SAML by nature would be embedded in a higher
level interaction. So what would WSDL for SAML describe ? 
|          - stalling within JSR155 could have been from all early
proposals being centered on the exchange of samlp messages, which
doesn't offer as much value
	No comments ;o) If so, what value could WSDL bring and how would
one translate the exchange to Java ?


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