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Subject: [security-services] RE: [wss] Submission of ofdraft-sstc-ws-sec-profile-03 to WSS TC

my apologies for not getting back to you earlier. I was out on 
vacation right after the Security Forum meeting in Boston.

1. Is the document you are submitting going to be officially submitted by the SS (SAML) TC or just by the authors independently of the SSTC?
[Prateek Mishra]  

It is an official submission in that the issue has been officially discussed with SSTC
members and follows the general line of thinking expressed by the group. 
2. Do you know what IP Licensing statement you will make when you submit the document? (I think as a chair I am required to ask you that question at the meeting when you submit the document).
[Prateek Mishra] 
The draft has been developed by an OASIS TC and therefore the standard OASIS IP disclaimers apply (Appendix B of the draft).
The draft is also an application of SAML 1.0. Issues relevant to SAML 1.0 IP may be found at:

Please let me know if there is any additional information you might require.
- prateek

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