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Subject: [security-services] fyi: Invitation for OASIS to Present at NACConference

Doug Obeid of the Network Applications Consortium <http://www.netapps.org/> is looking for an OASIS-affiliated person  to speak about how identity management and  web services security (they mean it generically, so eg SAML and XACML are in that scope) in general, and OASIS efforts in particular, will help them address the issues described in their conference thesis..

2002 FALL CONFERENCE: Identity and Security Management for B2B Web Services
  conference thesis: http://www.netapps.org/Events/HTMLDocs/October02overview.htm

overall conference website is here..


If someone is able to speak at their conference, please feel free to contact Doug directly at dobeid@netapps.org.



-------- Original Message --------
Subject:  Invitation for OASIS to Present at NAC Conference
Date:  Fri, 27 Sep 2002 14:40:38 -0700
From:  "Doug Obeid" <dobeid@netapps.org>
Reply-To:  <dobeid@netapps.org>
To:  <jeff.hodges@sun.com>

Hi Jeff:
The Network Applications Consortium (NAC) would like to invite a representative from OASIS to participate at NAC's Fall conference on web services. After doing some research, the planning team thought you would be the most appropriate person to invite. I've provided information about the meeting below. Please review it and let me know if you would be interested in attending.Thanks, DougDoug Obeid
Chief Executive Officer
(415) 282-8670
(877) 497-8584 Fax

NAC's Fall conference theme is Identity & Security Management for B2B Web Services. The three-day gathering of high-level IT professionals, including NAC members, strategic vendors, the Burton Group, DMTF, and others will be collaborating and focusing on architectural issues associated with the enterprise security requirements for emerging B2B web services technologies.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
Vendor participation is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, October 21- 22. The meeting will be hosted by NAC member State Farm Insurance at their corporate headquarters in Bloomington, IL. 
Other presenters include BEA, IBM, Flamenco, Grand Central, Microsoft, Vordeland the DMTF. Non-presenters attending include Bowstreet, Entrust, Liberty Alliance, Netegrity, Novell, Oblix, OctetString, Oracle, Open Network Technologies, RSA, Sun (Don Bowen)and Verisign.
Fall Conference Table of Contents
Conference Thesis & Overview
Detailed Agenda (current draft)
Travel Information

Doug Obeid
Chief Executive Officer
(415) 282-8670
(877) 497-8584 Fax

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