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Subject: [security-services] GET OUT THE VOTE for SAML v1

SSTC members:

SAML v1 entered its OASIS-wide voting period this past week on 1-Oct, and Karl
Best has issued the offical "Call for Vote" on the SAML v1 specification to the
voting-reps@lists.oasis-open.org list (on 30-Sep).

Your SSTC co-chairs are encouraging a "yea" vote. We feel the industry traction
demonstrated by the successful, wide participation in the SAML interop event at
the Burton Catalyst conference, as well as the Liberty Alliance use of SAML as
a foundation technology, demonstrate the viability of the SAMLv1 specification

Please contact your OASIS voting representative and urge him/her to lodge their
vote in favor of SAML. 


JeffH & Joe

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