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Subject: [security-services] unofficial final SAML balloting status

Here's my & Eve's unofficial tally. We'll have to wait for the official
declarations from OASIS proper, but it looks good (and Oblix's vote is in there

SAML voting Tally

SAML 1.0 voting: 30 September 2002 - 31 October 2002


Total as of 31 October 2002 23:59h PT: 59 yes, 3 abstain, NO "no".

Waveset: yes
Cyclone Commerce: yes
Griffin Consulting: abstain
RSA: yes
BEA: yes
Sun: yes
Entegrity: yes
Bank of America: yes
CA: yes
EAN: abstain
HP: yes
Entrust: yes
SAP: yes
Overxeer: yes
Quadrasis (Hitachi): yes
U.S. DoJ: yes
MTG Management Consultants: yes
Oblix: yes
Sigaba: yes
Netegrity: yes
Bowstreet: yes
Kinzan: yes
Cincom: yes
Federal Reserve: yes
Sonic Software: yes
VeriSign: yes
Fujitsu: yes
MSI Business Solutions: yes
Xtradyne: yes
Cognitran: yes
UnitSpace: abstain
Ascio: yes
Authentica: yes
Mercator: yes
U.S. GSA: yes
XML Global: yes
CrossLogix: yes
Microsoft: yes
Sterling: yes
Boeing: yes
Iona: yes
OpenNetwork: yes
Oracle: yes
Nokia: yes
CommerceOne: yes
IBM: yes
Sybase: yes
lmi.org: yes
Navy: yes
epeople: yes
Argonne: yes
Cisco: yes
SeeBeyond: yes
Baltimore: yes
DISA: yes
diderottrack: yes
Westgroup: yes
Intel: yes
Hitachi: yes
Business Layers: yes
Factiva: yes
eXcelon: yes


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