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Subject: [security-services] stepping down as co-chairs


Given that SAML 1.0 has been approved, and that we both have other duties 
calling, JeffH & Joe are going to step down as co-chairs of the Security 
Services Technical Committee (SSTC). 

We want to assure everyone that we, and our respective companies (HP and
Sun), remain committed to SAML; JeffH will continue as an SSTC voting member. 
However, at the next whole-TC telecon (next week on 12-Nov), we will have to
work with the TC to determine the timeframe and methodology for electing new

The OASIS/Robert's-Rules process requires us to vote on a "nomination method"
(e.g., "nominations can come from the floor just like motions," which would be
the simplest) before actually collecting nominations and holding the election. 
We can take care of many (all?) of these tasks on 12-Nov. So please consider
whether you're willing to stand for nomination and/or whom you are inclined to
nominate (and have serve as co-chair). 

Knowing that chair duties can take a lot of resources :-), we feel that
continuing the co-chair arrangement would be helpful to ensure adequate 
coverage.  We will work closely with whoever takes over the role to make the
transition go smoothly.

It has been a real honor to serve the TC in this capacity, and we want to 
thank you all for putting so much of your expertise and hard work into the
TC, supporting us, and getting SAML v1.0 to OASIS Standard maturity level. We
will look forward to working with you all in "civilian" roles in both this TC
and others in the future. 

Best regards,

Joe & JeffH

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