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Subject: [security-services] Bindings and Profiles errata

  1. Line 258: s/Section
  2. Line 263: s/Section
  3. Line 267: s/Section
  4. Line 291: The section number is not bolded as are all other section numbers.
  5. Section 5.3: Even though it isn't explicitly stated, I have been assuming that the "...:cm:artifact-01" refers to a type 1 artifact.  If so, doesn't there need to be a corresponding confirmation method identifier for "...:cm:artifact-02"?  Is there really a need to distinguish the artifact types (i.e. "just use "...:cm:artifact")?  We should also be explicit as to whether providing the actual artifact in the ConfirmationData is required, optional, or not permitted - Which is it?


Rob Philpott
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