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Subject: [security-services] Errata: "Requester" vs "Requestor" and a glossarydefinition for Responder

In core, we use both spellings.  The only normative use is in the definition of <Status> where it the "requester" spelling is used.  I recommend we change all "requestor" spellings to "requester".  If folks want to use the "requestor" spelling, then it would be an issue since it introduces a compatibility issue with the current spec. Note that the glossary uses the "Requester" spelling".  There are about 15 uses of "requestor" in core, although one of them is in the references section pointing to "The Kerberos Network Authentication Requestor (V5)" that we wouldn't want to change.


Also - we need to add a definition for "Responder" to the glossary.  We use it in the specs.  I'll provide a first shot at it (based on Requester):


Responder - A system entity that utilizes a protocol to respond to a request for services from another system entity. The term "server" for this notion is not used because many system entities simultaneously or serially act as both clients and servers.



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