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Subject: Re: [security-services] [Fwd: Semantics of version numbers andencodingthem in the schema.]

ah, there's more detail in the "raw" minutes taken by the erstwhile Gil Pilz...


..and here's the relevant text..


Irving; Syntax. Eve said there had to be a top-level, version element.

Eve; There are a number of versioning issues:

1.      Should version be “in-band” versus defined by namespace?

2.      If it is in an attribute, what are the syntactic constraints
(string, number)?

3.      What are the semantics of versions?

4.      If the protocol changes slightly but the XML vocabulary remains the
same, do we rev the version?

5.      What is the process for changing the version?

6.      “Principal of greatest partial understanding”. Expected behavior:

a.       old to new

b.      new to old

7.      Current Core Assertion and Query/Response has a required string.

8.      What has to have a version element in it?

(see Joe’s notes)

No objections to NOT using XML Namespaces to contain the version.

Marlena; How do we identify extensions independently of the SAML versions?

Hal; Two part version numbers imply some semantics about major and minor

Eve; DocBook DTD defines – major for incompatible changes, minor for
backwards-compatible changes, etc.


1.      Two part, directly numeric version number “x.x”

2.      Minor version number changes indicate backwards-compatible changes.

3.      Major version number changes indicate backwards-incompatible

4.      No “upwards” compatibility (e.g. old consumers cannot know about
and take advantage of new features)

(General discussion about how/when/where we will need to change version

Bob B; We will probably have to go to version 2.0 of assertions when we
support XML Encryption.

Chris agrees to take the action item of writing this all up and submitting
it to the list.

3:06 PM <adjourned>

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