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Subject: Re: [security-services] Credentials Collector and WS-Trust...

I'm trying to get a response to your questions, but doubt I will be able to
before your deadline tomorrow.
I will be on the call tomorrow, but  is it possible to postpone this
discussion until the next call?
My apologies.

Carlisle Adams <carlisle.adams@entrust.com> on 03/18/2003 05:03:56 PM

To:    "'security-services@lists.oasis-open.org'"
Subject:    [security-services] Credentials Collector and WS-Trust...

Hi all,

I had an action item to draft something for Maryann to take to the authors
of WS-Trust.  Here it is; comments and refinements welcome.



The Credentials Collector (CC) work within the OASIS Security Services
Technical Committee (SS TC) is currently targeted toward inclusion in SAML
2.0, which is scheduled for Committee Specification by the end of 2003.
There is interest within the SS TC in making use of the WS-Trust
specification for some of this work (e.g., in profiling WS-Trust for SAML
CC environments).

There is a preference, if possible, to incorporate portions of the WS-Trust
schema "by reference"; that is, to simply refer to schema elements defined
in another standard.  In order to do this and still meet the SS TC time
frame of the end of 2003, it would be necessary for WS-Trust to be a
recognized work product of an international, formal, and open standards
body by July 1, 2003.  The question to the WS-Trust authors, then, is this:
"Does this time frame align with your intentions and expectations for the
WS-Trust specification?"

If WS-Trust is not expected to be within a standards organization by this
time, then the SS TC would be willing to incorporate portions of the
WS-Trust schema "by value"; that is, to copy relevant schema elements into
an SS TC specification under a SAML-defined name space.  For this
alternative scenario, the question to the WS-Trust authors is this:  "Would
you be willing to officially submit the WS-Trust specification to the SS TC
for this purpose, under the official OASIS rules regarding submissions to
Technical Committees?"

A response from the WS-Trust authors as soon as possible would be greatly
appreciated.  The SS TC plans to determine our course of action on this
topic on the next TC conference call (April 1, 2003).

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