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Subject: AI: proposed text for core Section 4

I took an AI on the last call to propose new text for section 4 of core to discuss versioning in more detail.

I synthesized some of the text from my earlier draft submission, including some of the terminology and breakdown of the different
version types, but tried to keep it brief. Some of it isn't all that normative, but I think it's useful for implementers, just like
the stuff in section 1 is.

Couple thoughts:

It might need glossary support or some means of defining the terms I took from my draft like forward/backward compatibility. I
didn't copy all that explication, but OTOH, I think it's clearer than the vague use of compatibility that's in 1.0.

It could incorporate some of the parallel discussion on profile versioning that I think Jeff was looking at. I didn't really address

-- Scott

SAML Versioning.doc

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