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Subject: RE: [security-services] sstc-bindings-extensions-02

>>> If at all possible, I would like to hang on to the SAML 
>>> prefix. Think of it as a crude form of XML's "fully 
>>qualified name"; it
>>> helps ensure that names in the search part don't clash (and 
>>if they do,
>>> hey, why is someone else using the SAML prefix?). 

>>Right, except that this redirection URL is entirely defined 
>>in your profile. There can't be any other parameters but the ones you
>>define here. Even put that in as a MUST if you like. Any 
>>other state is carried "by reference" in the Relay State.

This is admittedly a minor point and I could be swayed to go in either
direction. However, in general there may be "other" names and values in the
URL searchpart and the motivation here was to help avoid name clashes. I
guess forbidding use of other parameters is not unreasonable either.

- prateek

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