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Subject: PE11 proposed text for artifacts and ID refs

What do you all think of these new/changed subsections inside Section 
3.2.2, Element <Request>?  I will take a chance and assume this is okay; 
we can accept/tweak/reject in tomorrow's call.

==== Requests for Assertions by Reference

In the context of a <Request> element, the <saml:AssertionIDReference> 
element is used to request an assertion by means of its ID. See Section 
2.3.1 for more information on this element. Element <AssertionArtifact>

The <AssertionArtifact> element is used to specify the assertion 
artifact that represents an assertion being requested. Its use is 
governed by the specific profile of SAML that is being used; see the 
SAML specification for bindings and profiles [SAMLBind] for more 
information on the use of assertion artifacts in profiles.

The following schema fragment defines the <AssertionArtifact> element:

<element name="AssertionArtifact" type="string"/>

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Sun Microsystems                            cell +1 781 354 9441
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