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Subject: Liberty v1.1 specification set submittal letter

To:   OASIS Security Services Technical Committee
From: Jason Rouault, HP
      Jeff Hodges, Sun 
      Rob Philpott, RSA Security
      Frederick Hirsch, Nokia

As members of the OASIS SSTC, we would like to submit the Liberty Alliance
Version 1.1 Specifications and forthcoming Errata Documents (further
identified below in [1]) for consideration in preparing future versions of

The Liberty Alliance Board, which is the steward for Liberty Alliance Final
Specifications, has approved a motion to enable further development of the
Liberty Alliance Version 1.1 Specifications under the auspices of the SSTC.
As these documents are built on SAMLv1, we believe it is in the best
interests of the industry to converge these documents and otherwise resolve
any issues with future SAML versions.

Copyright in the Liberty Alliance Version 1.1 Specifications is held jointly
by the Liberty Alliance member companies identified in the document
copyright statements. Our Liberty Alliance Agreements grant, with board
approval, copyright licenses needed to prepare derivative works, among other
activities, as required by the OASIS IPR Policy, section 3.1(1). We believe
that all of the necessary conditions for a proper Contribution as shown in
the IPR Policy section 3.1 are met.

In particular, as described in the "Notice" portion of each Liberty V1.1
Specification and Errata Document, the licenses to prepare derivative works
are provided to OASIS through our board's action.

Our Liberty Alliance Membership Agreements also provide for Liberty Alliance
members to grant patent licenses to all parties under at least fair,
reasonable and non-discriminatory terms, if such licenses are required to
implement the final Liberty Alliance specifications. Further information on
specific disclosures which may have been made by Liberty Alliance members is
located on the Liberty Alliance web site and in the actual documents.

Please let us know if there are any concerns or questions about this

Thank you.

Jason, JeffH, Rob, Frederick

[1] Liberty v1.1 Specification Set

Liberty v1.1 Architecture Overview 

Liberty v1.1 Protocols and Schema Specification 

Liberty v1.1 Bindings and Profiles Specification 

Liberty v1.1 Authentication Context Specification 

Liberty v1.1 Glossary 

Liberty v1.1 Architecture Implementation Guidelines 

Liberty v1.1 Protocol XML Schema Document file

Liberty v1.1 Authentication Context XML Schema Document file

DRAFT Liberty 1.1 Errata 
DRAFT Liberty 1.1 Errata authentication-context XSD 
DRAFT Liberty 1.1 Errata protocols and schema errata XSD
[the above Draft docs will be available early next week. Final versions 
 will be available by TBD -- the schedule will be discussed with SSTC]

For convenience, a single package of the released documentation is found at:

Liberty v1.1 Complete Specification Set

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