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Subject: LA 1.1, SAML 1.1 and SAML 2.0


As you are aware we had voted to request from LA permission to create
specifications that utilized the LA 1.1 specification set as part of SAML


Subsequently, we have received from LA a statement that grants us such


The SSTC has also been engaged in creating SAML 1.1. There are several
different components to SAML 1.1 in progress which can be placed in one of
two buckets:

(1) Corrections, clarifications and advice on use of SAML 1.0

(2) Additions to SAML 1.0

Category (2) includes two work items that also appear in LA 1.1:

(A) "Destination-Site First" web browser profile
(B) (Web Browser Profile)/General Meta-data Specification

I would like to propose for DISCUSSION the idea that in the current
circumstances we should avoid including Category (2) items in SAML 1.1. Why?
Because we are in a situation where we will end up having to revisit these
issues in SAML 2.0. There will also be confusion in the field as SAML 1.1
features and SAML 2.0 features will be seen as colliding. 

My suggestion would be to create draft specifications in this category,
which we would then submit into the SAML 2.0 mix. This would also ensure
that all the effort that went into them was carried forward appropriately.

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