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Subject: RE: [security-services] Last call issues with schema

> I'm not sure why we wouldn't use xsd:anyURI instead of 
> xsd:NCName for saml:IDReferenceType. If we want to refer 
> across documents don't we need a URI?

Hmm, I have a feeling that's problematic. It doesn't seem very well defined to me in our usual context.

For something like InResponseTo, what would the URI be? It shouldn't be a fragment ID ("#foo") since that should be understood to
refer to the same document. So there has to be URI in front of that, but what could you use short of a URN that we gave a
well-defined interpretation to?

Obviously it could be a URI in some contexts, but it seems like we'd have to do real work to address all the potential issues. I'm
not sure it's any more well-defined in WSS, frankly, despite the hand-wavy "goodness" of using a familiar syntax to point at an ID
in another XML document.

In the context of XLink and document-land, this idea works well, but I think it falls apart in protocol development.

-- Scott

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