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Subject: Conference Call Agenda for May 13, 2003

Caller paid: +1 865 673 3239
 Access code: 238-3466

Please remember to key in "#" after the access code.
1. Acceptance of minutes from previous conference call
2. Review of time-line and next steps
3. Open Actions
#0004 Propose WSDL for Metadata
Prateek Mishra
#0013 Request use of WS-Trust for CC proposal
Maryann Hondo
#0033 Create differences between SAML 1.0 and 1.1 document
Prateek Mishra
#0034 Correct schema use of xsd:ID and xsd:IDREF
Eve Maler
#0039  Issues with DoNotCacheCondition
Prateek Mishra
(a) do we care about cardinality?
(b) Explain when DoNotCacheCondition is valid
- line [468]

"MUST not" should be "MUST NOT" ?

- line [553]

"MUST not" should be "MUST NOT" ?

- about <DoNotCacheCondition> element

The processing rules of the sub-elements and attributes of a

<Conditions> element are described at line 485-492.

To make the relying party possible to follow this rules, each

<Condition> element (extension of ConditionAbstractType) should have

a clear definition of when it evaluates to Valid.

Current description in mentions nothing about its validity.

# I wonder if it is suitable to define <DoNotCacheCondition> as a

# sub-element of a <Conditions>. (It is like Obligation in XACML.)

#0040 Editorial comments on SAML 1.1 document set
(any others received before the conference call)
Prateek Mishra
p: 781-530-6564
c: 781-308-5198

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