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security-services message

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Subject: Minutes from SSTC Conference Call, May 20, 2003

Prateek Mishra

p: 781-530-6564
c: 781-308-5198

Minutes for SSTC Conference Call
May 20, 2003

1. Roll Call
18/23 Quorum Achieved.

2. Minutes accepted from May 13, Conference Call

3. Open action items 


Prateek has posted conformance-04 to the list

remains open pending changes below:

Discussion on updates to the conformance document 04.
Resolutions: [Actions for Rob]

(1) remove lookup by artifact reference as a conformance item
(remove from table, remove from test descriptions)
(2) replace the terms IDReference or Artifact query by an alternative
which avoids use of 

#0038 Continue developing Metadata specs

remains open.

#0034 Correct use of xsd:ID and IDREF

closed and added to draft 11 and errata 12

#0041 Fix AuthenticationMethod description as an element

closed and added to draft 11 and errata 12

#0013 Request use of WS-Trust for CC
Maryann Hondo

Remains open. 

#0004 Propose WSDL Meta-data

Remains open (and is linked to #0038)

New Actions:

1. Rob to find Scott's fixup text for line 1419.
2. Rob to change lines 1516 replacing "exposing message content" by
"exposing XML content".
3. Rob to make changes to 1833-36  "in the statement" replace by "in the statement or query"
4. Rob to remove reference descriptors that lack direct citation in the text.
5. NO change to be made to possibly obsolete UNICODE reference.

Prateek to accept change from Dipak

John Hughes points out that the GET action is ill-formed in both Artifact and Post profiles.
1. Prateek to update and John to review HTTP-oriented pieces and ensure they are legal.
2. Prateek to define meaning of "..." as defined and is consistent with HTTP specifications
3. Prateek to ensure that https is used consistently. 
4. Prateek to add Scott's update after 782 but with lower-case "may".

Security Considerations:
Rob will
update existing security considerations text following Hal's message

Differences document:
1. comments from Dipak (accepted)
2. comments from Rob 
Prateek will update in the document based on these comments (and those from
Jahan); this document is not a normative part of the 1.1 specification.


How to proceed to "Committee Specifications"?

We plan to vote to promote the specifications to Committee specifications
at the NEXT conference call (May 27).

MOTION: Hal moves that we declare the specs (with the changes proposed and accepted
today) to be SSTC "candidate" Committee Specifications.

Second: Frederick Hirsh

Motion passes unanimously.

NEW ACTION: Rob will maintain and update SAML 1.0 issues list. 

NEW ACTION: Steve to send Rob current SSTC membership list as of May 20, 2003.


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