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Subject: Feedback on SAML 1.1 Assertions (sstc-saml-core-1.1-cs-01.pdf)

1. lines 324-326 note that three kinds of assertion are specified by SAML. When reading the schema, <Statement> and <SubjectStatement> are treated as if they might appear independently of these three kinds of assertion, which is not in fact the case - they are for extensions that specify additional kinds of assertion. I would recommend that this distinction is made clear in this introductory text.
2. line 331 states that "Assertions have a nested structure". 'Nesting' implies that one assertion may be contained within another, which as far as I can tell from the schema is not possible. I would recommend that this sentence be changed to note that an "assertion acts as a container for a number of assertion statements" or some similar text.


- John Kemp
John Kemp / john.kemp@earthlink.net
(+1) 413.458.9053 / frumioj@AOL
Coordinating Editor / Project Liberty


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