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Subject: Minutes for Telecon, Tuesday 24 June 2003

Minutes for SSTC Telecon, Tuesday 24 June 2003
Dial in info: +1 865 673 3239 #238-3466
Minutes taken by Steve Anderson


    - Minutes from 10 June 2003 call accepted
  Previous Action Items Still Open:
    - #0050: Chairs to solicit implementation attestations and IPR
      compliance statements
    - #0048: Make editorial comments to CS specs
    - #0047: Update Issues List from V1.0
    - #0013: Request use of WS-Trust for CC Proposal
    - #0004: [AI-39] Propose WSDL for metadata

  New Action Items:
    - Eve & Rob to meet offline and plan to make/publish editorial
                             Raw Notes

> Agenda:
> 1. Roll call

- Attendance attached to bottom of these minutes
- Quorum achieved

> 2. Accept minutes from previous meeting, 10 June
>    < http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/security-services/
>      200306/msg00006.html >

- [VOTE] unanimous consent, accepted

> 3. Review comments on Committee Specifications since last meeting 
>    None received

- Rob: only comments received were discussed on last call
- editorial changes are still outstanding from those
- Scott: there were a couple sections that were changed heavily, and
  are referenced by Liberty
- going to bring it up with Liberty folks to make sure they are ok
  with it
- Eve: asking if anyone was taking the editorial actions, or if she
- Rob: was meaning to ask you about that ...
- [ACTION] Eve & Rob to meet offline and plan to make/publish editorial

> 4. *** Standard submission vote at 1-July con-call meeting: 
>    MUST HAVE 2/3 of voting members present. 

- Steve: will have to miss due to family matter
- will forward current membership spreadsheet
- Appears we will need 18 on next week's call

> 5. Face-to-face planning: Please respond to web site ballots.

- Prateek: fixed errors in original polls
- all are closing next Tuesday
- encourages everyone to vote on each poll
- Frederick: any indication of how long F2F will go, because one date
  may conflict with DSS TC F2F
- Prateek: usually they've been 1.5 to 2
- Frederick: DSS F2F looks like Tues & Wed of that week
- Prateek: then we should avoid that week

> 6. Action Item review
>    #0050: Chairs to solicit implementation attestations and IPR
>           compliance statements
>    Owner: Rob Philpott

- Rob: in process of drafting mail message
- will try to go out today

>    #0048: Make editorial comments to CS specs
>    Owner: Eve Maler

- discussed already on call

>    #0051: Propose handling for old errata
>    Owner: Jahan Moreh

- Jahan: sent email after last call with suggested approach:
      "I think the cleanest way to do this is by adding new items in
      the existing errata document and noting their disposition. Then,
      once the public comment period is over, we will publish an errata
      doc consisting of only those items that have not been disposed.
      For example, I would add a new errata item for John Kemps "nested
      assertion" and note its dispositions as something like "SSTC
      chair is directed to make editorial changes before voting on
      documents as committee spec."

- Rob: what would folks prefer to have in errata doc, everything since
  we began tracking (Feb), or just during Committee Spec review?
- Jahan: personally prefers everything, for consistency
- all errata is expected to be closed

>    #0047: Update Issues List from V1.0
>    Owner: Rob Philpott

- Rob: got good start on it this week
- hopefully will have something out this week

>    #0013: Request use of WS-Trust for CC Proposal
>    Owner: Maryann Hondo

- Maryann not on call
- no update
- Tim: have we reached the point of declaring that we won't get
- Rob: would prefer to wait for official answer
- Jeff: we need to be looking for alternatives anyway, and let this
  issue continue to hang
- Rob: if we don't have it answered by F2F, we'll opt for alternative
- assumes this will be a topic for the F2F

>    #0004: [AI-39] Propose WSDL for metadata
>    Owner: Prateek Mishra

- Prateek: will try to move on today
- Tim: in XACML, we exploring ways of attaching policy things to 
- should we be cooperating?
- Prateek: we should definitely understand what you're doing
- Tim: can offer to do short preso on what XACML is doing in this area
  at F2F

> 7. Any other business

- Rob: Jeff (or any Liberty participant), what is state of 1.2? are
  they planning to contribute that to us?
	- Jeff: that is the intent
	- preliminary 1.2 specs are available on Liberty site
	- there are significant changes from 1.1 to 1.2
	- 1.2 will have more rich material in some aspects
	- Scott: it's also based on SAML 1.1 CS
	- Jeff: shooting for 3rd quarter to get it all done
- Prateek: how do we beat the bushes for participation next week?
    - Rob: can you send out a message to list
    - Jeff: re-iterate that the goal is to submit to OASIS, so do your
      review ahead of time
> 8. Adjourn

- Adjourned


Attendance of Voting Members:

  Hal Lockhart BEA
  Krishna Sankar Cisco
  Scott Cantor Individual
  Bob Morgan Individual
  Mike White Individual
  Prateek Mishra Netegrity
  Frederick Hirsch Nokia
  Senthil Sengodan Nokia
  Steve Anderson OpenNetwork
  Simon Godik OverXeer
  Rob Philpott RSA Security
  Jahan Moreh Sigaba
  Bhavna Bhatnagar Sun
  Jeff Hodges Sun
  Eve Maler Sun
  Emily Xu Sun

Attendance of Observers or Prospective Members:

  Tim Moses Entrust

Membership Status Changes:

  Kevin Shanley Entrust - Granted voting status after call
  Darren Platt Individual - Granted voting status after call
  Maryann Hondo IBM - Lost voting status due to inactivity
  Anthony Nadalin IBM - Lost voting status due to inactivity


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