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Subject: Minutes for 1-July SSTC con-call meeting


Minutes for SSTC Telecon, Tuesday 1 July 2003

Dial in info: +1 865 673 3239 #238-3466

Minutes taken by Rob Philpott



Summary ======================================================================



-        Minutes from 24 June 2003 call accepted

-        Approved current specs as official Committee Specifications. Unanimous. More than 2/3 of SSTC membership was present for the vote.

-        Approved sending SAML Committee Specifications to OASIS for standardization vote as soon as prerequisites (attestations, IPR notice, etc) are met. More than 2/3 of SSTC membership was present for the vote.

Previous Action Items Still Open:

-        #0038: Continue developing meta-data specs

-        #0013: Request use of WS-Trust for CC Proposal


New Action Items:

-        Rob to accept changes in -core and post as part of V1.1 specs.

-        Prateek to set up 3 new ballots for F2F options.

-        Prateek to notify all members of current IPR policy and claims.


Raw Notes ======================================================================

Roll call - Attendance attached at bottom of notes. 19 members present which satisfies both quorum and 2/3 of membership needed for CS and submission votes.


> 1. Accept minutes from 24 June meeting

> http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/security-services/200306/msg00013.html


- [VOTE] unanimous consent, accepted


> 2. Vote on submission of the SAML 1.1 candidate specification set for

> consideration as an OASIS standard


- Rob: We actually require 2 votes. First re-affirm committee spec's, then vote to submit.

- Hal: Technically are not re-affirming -core since it was modified.

- Phil: Move to approve current spec's as SSTC Committee Spec's

- Hal: Second


- [VOTE] unanimous consent, accepted


- Bob M: Move to submit Committee Specifications to OASIS for standardization

- Phil: Second


- Eve: Friendly amendment - submit as soon as pre-requisites are met.

- Bob M: Friendly accepted


- Discussion:

- Frederick: Any comments from Liberty?

- Jason: No outstanding comments from Liberty.

- Jeff: Checked to ensure Liberty has no dependence on RespondWith, which is being deprecated.

- Bob M: Fwd'ed email from David Chadwick with concern about deprecation of RespondWith

- Rob: We should make sure we understand their use case and address it in 2.0 either with a resurrected RespondWith or something more appropriate.

- Bob M: Did XACML comments get sent to SSTC? They were discussed on the XACML list.

- Hal: Yes, we (SSTC) got those and agreed to put on the list for SAML 2.0.

- End of discussion


- [VOTE] unanimous consent, accepted


- [ACTION] Rob to accept changes in -core and post to list.


> 3. Solicitation of implementation attestation


- Rob: We haven't received the minimum 3 yet.

- Irving: Baltimore is in test/debug and should have one in by the 15th.

- Prateek: We should discuss IPR requirements also

- Rob: Requirement is for chairs to formally notify all members of IPR policy and known claims.

- Jeff: Refer to Joe Pato's notice for V1.0 in the archive for cut/paste.


- [ACTION] Prateek will send out IPR notice to the list.


- Rob: Attestations also require statement of compliance with IPR policy and claims.


> 4. SAML F2F ballot results


- Prateek: Ballots indicate preference for early Sept.

- Eve: Original recommendation for first week of Sept was to allow Tuesday (9/2) as a travel day; meet Wed morn, Thursday, and -day Friday.

- various discussion took place over preferences for the week and coast.


- Jeff: Propose doing 3 new ballots: One for 9/2-4 (Wed morn-Friday afternoon), one for 9/8-10 (Mon afternoon-Wed); 9/10-12 (Wed morn-Fri noon).

- Eve: Sun can host East coast (actually either coast).

- Rob: If Sun has any problems - let us know RSA can also host.

- Prateek: Can we settle on a coast to minimize balloting?

- Hal: there was a slight preference for west coast in first week; east coast for 2nd week of Sept.

- Prateek: Proposes east coast for this one and west coast for subsequent one. No major objections.


[Editorial note - on 10-June, Hal also volunteered BEA to host East Coast as long as attendance is under 25].


- [ACTION] Prateek: set up 3 ballots for East coast F2F.


> 5. Action Items


> 0048 Make Editorial comments to CS specs

> Eve Maler


- Eve provided updates with Rob review/edit. Core document posted to list.

- Closed.


> 0038 Continue developing meta-data specs

> Jahan Moreh


- Reassign to Prateek.

- Remains Open.


> 0013 Request use of WS-Trust for CC

> Maryann Hondo


- Hal - Carlisle Adams has left Entrust. Is CC now an orphaned item?

- Jeff - believes Tim will champion it and Jeff will help.

- Remains Open.


> 0004 Propose WSDL for metadata

> Prateek Mishra


- Close this item and track it as part of AI 38.


> 6. Any other agenda items

- Rob: Next meeting is 7/8 - back on 2 week schedule.


- Adjourn



Attendance of Voting Members:


Irving Reid, Baltimore

Hal Lockhart, BEA

Krishna Sankar, Cisco

John Hughes, Entegrity Solutions

Kevin Shanley, Entrust

Jason Rouault, HP

Scott Cantor, Individual

Bob Morgan, Individual

Mike White, Individual

Prateek Mishra, Netegrity

Frederick Hirsch, Nokia

Charles Knouse, Oblix

Simon Godik, OverXeer

Rob Philpott, RSA Security

Dipak Chopra, SAP

Jahan Moreh, Sigaba

Jeff Hodges, Sun

Eve Maler, Sun

Phillip Hallam-Baker, Verisign


Attendance of Observers or Prospective Members:


Ron Jacobson, CA

Frank Siebenlist, Argonne Nat'l Lab


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