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Subject: RE: [security-services] Metadata for 1.1 Web Browser SSO Profile, Draft 06, 1 May 2003

> In the case where the key distributed with the metadata is a 
> public signature-verification key, it is acceptable, 
> desirable and conventional to sign the metadata using the 
> corresponding private key.  This is common practice for X.509 
> certificates.  In addition, it allows the integrity of the 
> metadata to be confirmed using an out-of-band "digest".

It shouldn't be mandatory to use the same key, since that basically only
permits point to point trust.

> As currently required, the integrity of the metadata has to 
> be protected with a separate key.  Presumably, it too has 
> associated metadata that has to be distributed, protected 
> with another key, which (in-turn) has metadata. Allowing the 
> enclosed key to confirm the integrity of the metadata, breaks 
> this cycle.

PKI always has an arbitrary stopping point somewhere. It's ok to allow it to
be self-signed, but we shouldn't insist on it.

> Here is a suggestion for a digest procedure:

Umm, why not XML signature?

-- Scott

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