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Subject: Summary of interactions between Liberty Alliance and SSTC concerning LA 1.1

On several occassions I have been asked to clarify status of LA 1.1 specs and
the SSTC. In some cases, there has even been some misunderstanding about the
relationship between Liberty Alliance and the SSTC. I have pulled together all of the
key e-mails that describe the interactions between the two bodies. I will publish
these under a SAML 2.0 heading on our web site.
1. SSTC Committee approved the co-chairs formally soliciting the Liberty alliance
for permission to use Liberty's spec for creating derivative work in SAML.
2. Liberty V1.1 specification set submittal letter
3. SSTC votes to accept Liberty V1.1 submission
4. Liberty Press Release on Liberty V1.1 submittal
5. (Personal) Commentary from Jeff Hodges on Liberty IPR conventions:
Prateek Mishra
p: 781-530-6564
c: 781-308-5198

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