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Subject: RE: [security-services] Editorial topics that need discussion

Great ideas and suggestions for deciding how to move ahead.

> Website (I'm hoping Rob is still up for doing website stuff even
> if it involves this much work!):

I can take care of the updates, although sometimes we may run into Kavi
restrictions with what we can do.

I'll try to work on some of this while I'm out of the office the next 2
weeks... assuming the OASIS Kavi system ever gets straightened out.  It's
been attacked again and you can't get to any of the TC sites.

FYI - OASIS voting reps also just got notification that, although balloting
on SAML, XCBF, and WSRP was supposed to start today, Kavi unavailability is
going to delay it (sigh).  Hopefully it'll only be a day or two.

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RSA Security Inc. 
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> -----Original Message-----
> From: Eve L. Maler [mailto:eve.maler@sun.com]
> Sent: Friday, August 15, 2003 10:48 AM
> To: oasis sstc (E-mail)
> Subject: Re: [security-services] Editorial topics that need discussion
> Hi John-- These are great comments.  I wanted to note, first of all,
> that Frederick has offered to work on a SAML primer, so assuming we come
> to the conclusion that this is what we want, we've got at least one
> offer of help.
> Several ideas are converging here.  In the last meeting we talked about
> doing substantial new editorial work, and we also talked about
> developing outreach materials.  You're pointing out that we need to be
> clear about our various audiences.  (Recall that I had taken an AI to
> send mail to those people who were interested in being on an "outreach
> task force"; JeffH had suggested that we just conduct editorial team
> discussions on the main TC list, and I'm getting the idea that we should
> conduct outreach discussions here too.)
> My feeling is that we need to cater to at least two different audiences:
> - Implementors who want to achieve conformant implementations. They need
> not only solid normative text, but also supporting conceptual/tutorial
> material and examples.  They would be the target for a SAML Primer (for
> which your suggestions are excellent).  It's their needs we need to
> consider in looking at any spec restructuring and hypertext ease of use.
> - Those making a technology selection for which SAML is a contender.
> This is where outreach deliverables come in.
> Here is a suggestion off the top of my head for outreach deliverables:
> Website (I'm hoping Rob is still up for doing website stuff even
> if it involves this much work!):
> - Refresh content
> - Ongoing links on the home page to relevant documents (the doc
>    repository interface is a nightmare)
> - Link to Liberty contribution and related info (already an AI)
> - Links to other efforts based on SAML
> - Add Press section; possibly use this section for links to
>    commercial white papers, noting whether registration is
>    required
> - Add Implementations section and link to APIs and toolkits
> - Publish SAML V2.0 scope statement/mission when done with it
> Collateral:
> - Finish and publish FAQ (Sep 2 deadline for first draft; Krishna
>    has volunteered)
> - Collect and publish SAML case studies
> - Develop "Why SAML?" material
> PR:
> - Write and submit monthly (ideally) OASIS News notices (we should
>    have some more SAML V1.1 news soon, e.g.)
> - Plan out any future interop events
> - Possibly set up analyst briefings
> Since we could go in about seventeen different directions with all of
> these considerations, let me suggest a set of things the group needs to
> decide on in the next meeting so we can make progress:
> - Get agreement on the V2.0 mission statement (I'm particularly
>    interested in how highly we would rank "urgency/speed", since
>    that would impact both the new-design load and the editorial
>    load we can take on)
> - Get agreement on the audience(s) we want to address
> - Build an initial rough list of new deliverables and assign them
>    out
> Those who sign up for any kind of editorial task could then confer in
> email (on the TC list) regarding matters such as how to "code" the
> documents, what any restructuring should look like, etc.
> What do you think?
> 	Eve
> John Kemp wrote:
> > Eve (et al)
> >
> >  >From looking at [SAMLCore], it seems to me that one way to proceed
> > would be to split out Section 1.3 SAML Concepts into a separate
> > primer/overview document, and add a user-oriented example (similar to
> > what Jeff did in the Liberty ID-FF Architecture Overview, and - I think
> > - along the lines of what Krishna was suggesting). I don't imagine that
> > would take so much time. It might also be helpful to take the sample
> > message exchange from [SAMLBind] and develop that into a fully-fledged
> > example (putting it into the overview/primer) that might describe the
> > flows of the user-oriented example. Such a document might then also
> > describe at a high-level the SAML document set, so that an implementor
> > would have a good place to start.
> >
> > We should, however, first think about whether implementors would be the
> > audience for such a re-structuring. If not, then who would we target
> > with such (a) document(s)? In fact, if a goal of SSTC is to "promote
> > adoption of SAML" then I think one good way to encourage such adoption
> > is to provide support documents around the normative specifications,
> > that help place them in context, and explain what SAML is good for, and
> > why...
> >
> > Finally, one of the things that I think might be good for implementors
> > is if the SAML documents were available as HTML, and hyper-linked
> > appropriately. This would make it possible to easily link between
> > documents as a complete set (another method would be to use PDF
> > bookmarking in some tricky fashion). If one could easily link between
> > documents that way, it would be possible to make easy, clickable
> > reference to examples (possibly in another document) from the normative
> > text, and vice-versa.
> >
> > - JohnK
> >
> > [SAMLCore] Assertions and Protocol for the OASIS Security Assertion
> > Markup Language v1.1, Committee Specification, 27 May 2003
> > [SAMLBind] Bindings and Profiles for the OASIS Security Assertion Markup
> > Language v1.1, Committee Specification, 27 May 2003
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