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Subject: Summary of Reports describing experience with SAML 1.X

As part of our preparation for SAML 2.0, I had called for reports of user experience.
I have received several such reports which I summarize below:
Use of SAML in the Community Authorization Service
Available at:

MS Word: http://www.globus.org/Security/cas/Papers/SAML%20Feedback-aug19.doc

PDF: http://www.globus.org/Security/cas/Papers/SAML%20Feedback-aug19.pdf



The Financial Services Technology Consortium (FSTC) recently published an

in-depth private report on issues & experiences implementing SAML 1.0 in our

industry (primarily online banking). Unfortunately the full report is only

available to FSTC members, but we did provide copies to OASIS (as well as

Liberty Alliance, BITS, and all the major IT analyst firms).

An executive summary version is available to the general public at




LearningStation is currently in the process of deploying SAML as a SSO and

application integration solution; I have posted a short feedback document on

our experiences here:



Netegrity use-cases based on experience with Netegrity deployments
Prateek Mishra
p: 781-530-6564
c: 781-308-5198

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