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Subject: Proposal to close old deferred issues

I took an action at the F2F to dispose of the old V1.1 issues list. 
That list lives here:


Below, the V1.1 issues are listed with their section numbers, their
status as of draft-01, and their category-based number and
description, along with any notes explaining what happened to them. In
the next telecon, I will make a motion that we bulk-change all their
statuses to CLOSED.  Some are covered under new V2.0 candidate work
items or at least cited informationally, and a few are just past their
"expiration date" technically.  If you want me to handle any of these
differently, please let me know.

I plan to record the new statuses by simply explaining the situation
in a new V2.0 issues document, unless you think I need to minimally
edit the old issues document to product a draft-02.

The V2.0 issues document will work much the same as the old one, with
one whole subsection devoted to each issue and with a category-based
numbering system.  I'll send out the first draft soon.

2.1.1 ISSUE:[UC-1-05:FirstContact]
   mentioned in W-18 SASL Support
2.1.2 DEFERRED ISSUE:[UC-1-14: NoPassThruAuthnImpactsPEP2PDP]
   @@needs to be mentioned in W-17 Credentials Collector and Assertions
2.2.1 DEFERRED ISSUE:[UC-2-05:EMarketplace]
2.3.1 DEFERRED ISSUE:[UC-3-01:UserSession]
   mentioned in W-1 Session Support
2.3.2 DEFERRED ISSUE:[UC-3-02:ConversationSession]
2.3.3 DEFERRED ISSUE:[UC-3-03:Logout]
2.3.4 DEFERRED ISSUE:[UC-3-05:SessionTermination]
2.3.5 DEFERRED ISSUE:[UC-3-06:DestinationLogout]
2.3.6 DEFERRED ISSUE:[UC-3-07:Logout Extent]
2.3.7 DEFERRED ISSUE:[UC-3-08:DestinationSessionTermination]
   @@needs to be mentioned in W-1 Session Support
2.3.8 DEFERRED ISSUE:[UC-3-09:Destination-Time-In]
   mentioned in W-1 Session Support
   mentioned in W-18 SASL Support
2.8.1 DEFERRED ISSUE:[UC-8-02:IntermediaryAdd]
2.8.2 DEFERRED ISSUE:[UC-8-03:IntermediaryDelete]
2.8.3 DEFERRED ISSUE:[UC-8-04:IntermediaryEdit]
2.9.1 DEFERRED ISSUE:[UC-9-01:RuntimePrivacy]
2.12.1 DEFERRED ISSUE:[UC-12-04:EncryptionMethod]
2.13.1 DEFERRED ISSUE [UC-13-07: Hailstorm Interoperability]
2.14.1 DEFERRED ISSUE:[UC-14-01:UMLCardinalities]
3.1.1 DEFERRED ISSUE:[DS-1-02: Anonymity Technique]
   mentioned in W-2 Identity Federation
3.3.1 CLOSED ISSUE:[DS-3-01: DoNotCache]
3.4.1 DEFERRED ISSUE:[DS-4-06: Final Types]
3.4.2 DEFERRED ISSUE:[DS-4-15: Common XML Attributes]
3.5.1 DEFERRED ISSUE:[DS-5-01: Dependency Audit]
   covered in W-26 Dependency Audit
3.6.1 DEFERRED ISSUE:[DS-6-01: Nested Attributes]
3.6.2 DEFERRED ISSUE:[DS-6-04: Negative Roles]
3.7.1 DEFERRED ISSUE:[DS-7-06: DiscoverAuthNProtocols]
   mentioned in W-3 Metadata and Exchange Protocol
3.9.1 DEFERRED ISSUE:[DS-9-02: MultipleRequest]
   mentioned in W-12 Attribute Retrieval Enhancement
3.9.2 DEFERRED ISSUE:[DS-9-03: IDandAttribQuery]
   mentioned in W-12 Attribute Retrieval Enhancement
3.9.3 DEFERRED ISSUE:[DS-9-05: RequestAttributes]
3.11.1 DEFERRED ISSUE:[DS-11-01: MultipleSubjectAssertions]
3.12.1 DEFERRED ISSUE:[DS-12-03: AttrSchemaReqs]
   mentioned in W-12 Attribute Retrieval Enhancement
3.12.2 DEFERRED ISSUE:[DS-12-04: AttrNameReqs]
   mentioned in W-12 Attribute Retrieval Enhancement
3.12.3 DEFERRED ISSUE:[DS-12-08: Delegation]
3.13.1 DEFERRED ISSUE:[DS-13-01: SessionsinEffect]
   mentioned in W-1 Session Support
3.14.1 DEFERRED ISSUE:[DS-14-04: Aggregation]
3.14.2 DEFERRED ISSUE:[DS-14-14: ErrMsg in Multiple Languages]
3.14.3 CLOSED ISSUE:[DS-14-15: Version Synchronization]
3.14.4 DEFERRED ISSUE:[DS-14-16: Version Positive]
4.5.1 DEFERRED ISSUE:[MS-5-08: Publish WSDL]
   @@needs to be mentioned in W-3 Metadata and Exchange Protocol

As noted above, I need to slightly update the work items document to 
make references to a few remaining old issues here and there...

Eve Maler                                        +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems                            cell +1 781 354 9441
Web Products, Technologies, and Standards    eve.maler @ sun.com

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