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Subject: RE: [security-services] Groups - saml2-lecp.pdf uploaded

> Instead of starting with the technology, can I get the 
> requirement and the scenario that drove you to submit this ? 
> I realize that this is not "over an existing" profile, what I 
> wanted to say was, "Why is the LEC Profile needed" which goes 
> back to the requirement and scenarios.

I've not heard Liberty members articulate it to me, but one of the problems
we're seeing with the POST profile is that it doesn't include a structured
option for clients that can parse XML. Using XHTML is one part-answer, but
the POST profile leaves a lot of options open. Is there only one form? Does
it have it an ID?

Better to parse a SOAP envelope and extract the response for delivery to the
destination site via existing profiles than scrape the form.

Artifact doesn't have this particular problem, of course.

-- Scott

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