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Subject: Re: [security-services] Liberty IPR Issues (was: Liberty ID-FF 1. 2 submissionto the SSTC)

Anthony Nadalin wrote on 12/3/2003, 8:23 AM:
 > its the collective authors statement. Second it does grant the right to
 > modify (derivative rights) see the grants and commitments section.

I did read the document.  Please show the wording that you think 
provides the derivative rights.

 > "Each Author commits to grant a non sub-licenseable", is what
 > your saying is that you don't trust the author companies (IBM,
 > Microsoft and Verisign) ?

It's not whether or not I trust the companies, nor whether or not they 
can be forced to live up to the committment.  It is, however, a fact 
that the statement is NOT a grant.  It is a committment for a future action.

 > If you have further issues on the WSS-TC IPR statement I suggest you
 > submit them to the WSS-TC.

As I have stated here several times, I have absolutely no problems with 
the WSS-TC IPR statement.  My problems are with those that found that 
statement perfectly acceptable in another venue now asking for much more 
stringent IPR disclosures in this venue.


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