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Subject: RE: [security-services] Liberty IPR Issues (was: Liberty ID-FF 1.2submission to the SSTC)

> Folks - Preface to my comments: IANAL- and sorry this is 
> long-winded...

Obviously IANAL either, but it seems to me that one significant difference
between the WSS case and this one is that the WSS example is one in which a
largely complete specification was contributed for final touch ups by OASIS.
I won't say how much change was made to the original contribution, since I
don't know.

But in our case, we propose to take two complete specs (SAML, ID-FF) plus
new requirements, and produce a unified result. I don't see how anybody
could reasonably expect the IPR of that result to be as clear in advance as
the IPR that the WSS authors expected that result to contain. Or maybe
they're all psychic.

I'd certainly like the terms to be as clear as they can be, but I don't
think we can get those terms until we actually produce some working drafts
of the new spec.

-- Scott

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