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Subject: RE: [security-services] Liberty IPR Issues (was: Liberty ID-FF 1. 2 submissionto the SSTC)

Anthony Nadalin wrote on 12/3/2003, 5:27 PM:
 > > I can say that the only thing that would cause me to recommend such
 > action would be if the changes made by the SSTC created significant
 > roadblocks to > implementation in the environments envisioned within
 > Liberty.
 > So your goal is to have the SS-TC just bless these specs from
 > Liberty ?

While I wouldn't object to that :-), my goal is to make sure
that the SSTC doesn't screw things up for AOL (and no, I don't
think that that would happen -- however, I can't guarrantee
that it won't).

I realize that that might sound a bit harsh, but that is also
the point I am trying to make -- we would only consider such
an action if the SSTC got things that bad.

And to make my point, there are alot of things in Liberty that AOL
didn't "ask" for, but were proposed by other members.  In some
cases I argued against the work, in other cases I agreed and in
some I just didn't care.  In any case, those features made it into
the specs and we still fully support the specs as a whole and have
granted reciprocal RF rights to any impelmentation of the specs.


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