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This is (hopefully) the last mail I will post to the main SSTC list regarding the SAML 1.1 interop event.  Further mail will be sent to the saml-dev@lists.oasis-open.org mailing list.  If you are not subscribed there and need/want to follow the info on this event, please subscribe to that list.


Thank you to all that responded to my previous mail for marketing contacts.  If you are interested in participating and haven't done so already, please send me a marketing contact.  I've also had a couple folks contact me expressing a willingness to help sponsor the event since these things can never be done for no cost.  Thank you to those that are volunteering, and if there are more of you out there, it would really help.  There will likely be some minimal costs that we'll all equally split, but sponsoring will help give SAML a lot more visibility in the industry and will bring your organization additional publicity at the event.  I'm now turning this issue over to the marketing team to work out the details.


I met again today with our conference planners and marketing folks to work on logistics for holding the event.  It looks like we WILL be able to hold the interop event on the main RSA Conference show floor.  I TENTATIVELY have arranged for a 20x20 ft booth near the rear of the show floor.  It will be a little tight, but this should be sufficient room to hold a MAX of 16 participants.  So participation will need to be first-come-first-served if we get more than that.


One of my requirements was that we be able to curtain this area off for the first couple of days so we can do our interop testing in private before we open it up for a public showing.  This has been arranged and we can get in starting on Sunday evening if we so desire.  The conference folks are asking, however, that if we do this event on the show floor that we commit to collectively man the booth for the public viewing for 2 days (Wednesday and Thursday) from 10am-5pm.  We'll probably plan a press event for Wednesday morning as well.  This doesn't mean that every vendor has to be there the full 2 days, but we would want every participating company/group to man the booth for a few hours each day.  This, of course, doesn't have to be the engineers that get the interop going.  It could be folks from your marketing organization manning the booth.


As I've mentioned, hosting this event at the conference is not very cheap (it's at the Moscone center in SF).  RSA is willing to absorb some considerable costs to make this happen.  But before I make a FIRM, FINAL commitment to reserve the space, I need to know that folks will REALLY help work to make it happen.  I realize that doing so without having defined the interop scenario may be difficult, but I believe we can meet everyone's requirements if we at least agree to a Browser/Artifact and a Browser/POST scenario.  We can possibly agree to do more once we get the planning work going, but if we start with that, I think we should be able to get meet everyone's needs.


So I just need to find out if I can count on everyone's support.  Please send me email (let's not spam the entire list) if you can commit.  So far, I have technical and marketing contacts from the following organizations:

-          RSA Security

-          Entegrity

-          TrustGenix

-          Internet2

-          OpenNetwork


I have technical contacts from the following vendors but still need a marketing contact:

-          HP

-          Sun

-          CA


I've received an expression of interest, but no contact info from:

-          Netegrity

-          Oblix

-          PingID

-          Sigaba


As I said, if there's anyone else interested, please let me know asap with contact info. 


I need this confirmation BY end of day next WEDNESDAY (17-Dec).  I could really use the marketing contacts ASAP so that they can get going on some of the logistics.


Thanks for your help!

Rob Philpott
RSA Security Inc.
The Most Trusted Name in e-Security
Tel: 781-515-7115
Mobile: 617-510-0893
Fax: 781-515-7020


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