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Subject: RE: Proposed Agenda for SSTC Conference Call, Dec 23

> Solution Proposals for review on Dec 23:
> ----------------------------------------
> W-6: Proxied SSO

The solution proposal obviously depends heavily on the extended browser
profiles, so all I can point to currently is the submitted material from
ID-FF, which is in section of

(This document is in the SSTC document list somewhere, but this link is

There are some problems with this solution involving insufficient controls
available to both the requester and the IdP on the use of proxied SSO
assertions, but some work has been going on to formulate proposals to fix
this that I think will be submitted soon.

> W-7: Discovery Protocol

The so-called "Introduction" protocol in section 3.6 of
is the input proposal to work from.

The main issues to address are from the interop experiences with this
protocol, and involve the unnecessary use of hashing and some ambiguity
about the encoding of the cookie value.

-- Scott

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