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Subject: RE: [security-services] Proposed Agenda for SSTC Conference Call, Dec 23


Before I jump into technology I like to understand the requirements and problems being solved, so I guess I'm not as well versed as you in jumping right into technology and then figuring out the requirements.

I have read your comeback and that's not what we see in mobile standards groups (no specific requirements for a LECP type profile) thus I'm asking for usage outside the mobile area.

>It is up to the SS TC members to define what is a proper technical solution to a certain valid business/technical use case
Thats correct, I'm part of the TC thus I'm rasing questions, problem ?

>LECP relies on a proxy role that can be implemented in current Mobile WAP/HTTP gateways/proxies to support existing mobile
Are we now getting into WAP gateways in the SS-TC ?

>The extensive pilot testing done by several Liberty members shows that ID-FF 1.x is stable, reliable, deployable and solves the technical and business issues for the mobile industry.
I think that this is great, and its an ideal opportunity to push the ID-FF in the mobile space like OMA.

>Is totally disagree. You seem to think that enabling SAML to be used as a key building block within Mobile industry is not good ?
Not what I said, seems like the mobile industry can just take what has been done with LECP and use it, I just don't see why its required to be part of SAML 2.0.

Anthony Nadalin

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